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I chose a lifestyle that avoids this typical ultimatum:

When you don't have a job, you can't afford to travel.

And when you do have a job, you don't have time to travel.

I took graphic design skills and scaled it up to a media production company that allows me work from anywhere in the world. And trust me, I mean anywhere! I've been to 20+ countries and counting! 

Currently based in Barcelona, Spain, though my friends joke that I'm never actually here. 


My goal was to get by on $1,500 a month and keep my expenses super low so that I could take a few trips per year. But within about 6 months, I had my first $5k month. At that point, I figured I must be doing something right! As it has continued to grow from there, I have paid careful attention to identify what actions have led to the best results so that I can now share what I've learned with you!

My Success Formula

 ...provides a step-by-step pathway to online profits

for realistic, attainable, and sustainable growth using

templates and resources that will save time & money.


Having a successful online business

is not rocket science. 

It's strategy + commitment.  

Immediate Access to:

  • 8 training modules ($499 value)

  • 100 minutes of lecture content

  • eWorkbook ($29 value)

    • 20 interactive w orksheets

    • 7 templates and scripts


What's inside?


You deserve freedom.

2020 is your year to get it.

Time, location, and financial freedom.

Your life of fulfilling remote work and unlimited travel awaits!

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